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This book can be ordered by calling +94 112 574955 or by downloading the attached Tax Publication Order Form. The book is priced at SLR 5,000/-.

The book explains the law, the principles, the practices and the administrative procedures applied in practice imposed by Value Added Tax Act no 14 of 2012 as amended by eleven amendments to that Act for taxable periods commencing on or after January 01, 2013. The book describes the scope and the reach of Value Added tax (“VAT”)on taxable goods or services supplied by taxable persons in the course of taxable activities carried on by them in Sri Lanka.

The wider scope and the reach of the tax on taxable supplies made by taxable persons carrying on taxable activities are illustrated from judicial explanations relating to the application of VAT law to various business transactions. The judicial expressions are useful guides in understanding the nature of the taxable supplies chargeable with tax arising from transactions of business activities in the background of the nature of the business structures and the attendant business realities.

The discussion of the subject of VAT is structured into ten distinct sections in aggregate comprising 56 Chapters explaining the important aspects of the principles, practices and procedures applicable in practice. The authority for the principles, practices, precedents and the relevant provisions of the law has been identified in the text for easy reference in applying the law to issues arising in respect of any business transactions. The book has a comprehensive Index and a Table of Cases.

The book will be valuable, useful and informative to all persons registered for VAT and be of interest to professionals, students of taxation and everyone liable for registration for VAT compliance in understanding the complexities of the application of the Value Added Taxation.

A sample of the first two chapters can be downloaded here: Vat In Sri Lanka 2nd Edition Free Sample